FAQ - Gum paste sugar flowers

Are the gum paste Sugar flowers edible? The gum paste sugar flowers are intended for decorative purposes only What are the Sugar flowers made of? Sugarartdeco's Readymade Sugar flowers are made of Gum paste, and are made by hand using gum paste or aka sugar paste (a mixture of sugar, oils, and gums).  Many designs are also made using non edible floral wire, floral tape, and wired stamens. What is Gum paste aka Sugar paste aka Gum Paste? Similar to fondant, gum paste, aka sugar paste, is a pliable dough made of a mixture of powdered sugar, gums, and water.  It can be rolled very thin and dries very firmly and hard perfect for making handmade sugar flowers and other cake decorations.  It is fully edible and is most commonly used for pre making cake decorations. Can I airbrush the Sugar flowers? Yes the most common way to decorate and add colour to gum paste sugar flowers is by using an airbrush. Airbrush colours and Luster or Petal Dust work great for spraying on sugar flowers. How long do the gum paste Sugar flowers keep? Sugar flowers keep for several years and can be even kept as long as they are kept safe and away from direct sunlight and moisture. How do I colour the Sugar flowers? There are several different ways to colour the sugar flowers. The most common way is by using an airbrush to spray colour onto the flower. Using a dry brush and Luster Dust or Petal Dust is another common way to add colour and texture to the sugar flowers. Edible markers also work great for adding detail to the flowers. We have also dipped and dyed the sugar flowers in diluted food colour similar to dyeing easter eggs. Can I refrigerate the Sugar flowers? The sugar flowers can be refrigerated, however we suggest to reduce the amount of time the flowers are in the fridge as much as possible. The moisture and condensation of common high traffic refrigerators will slowly break down the sugar flowers. So we suggest either, waiting as long as possible before placing the sugar flowers in the fridge, or place the decorated cake and flowers in a box prior to refrigerating to help keep condensation away from the sugar flowers. Can I freeze the Sugar flowers? The sugar flowers can be placed into the freezer safely. Simply keep them safe and away from breakage. How do I place in the Sugar flowers onto my cake? The sugar flowers can be placed in the cake or on the cake in many different ways. The easiest way is to properly place them on top of the cake resting. It is also helpful to place the sugar flowers in the cake by placing the stem in. A protective barrier can also be made to help place the sugar flower in the cake, simply start by trimming a portion of a straw, and stake it into the cake. Then place the stem of the sugar flowers into the straw, keeping it away from the rest of the cake. What can I do if I have broken or damaged Sugar flowers or petals? We do our best to package and ship the gum paste sugar flowers the best that we can, and continue improving our processes as we grow. However, due to the fragile nature of gum paste, breakage can occur occasionally during shipping. Don't panic. All is not lost, there are a few creative ways to work with the remaining flower or repair the breakage. The easiest way to disguise any breakage is, when possible, cut off the entire petal or leaf that is damaged. Or by placing the broken petal against the icing hiding the breakage. Depending on the flower, at times the remaining components or leaves that are not broken can be removed and unassembled to be added to other flowers or used to repair other flowers How should I store my gum paste Sugar flowers? Will the colours change? It is best to store your gum paste sugar flowers in their original packaging with the sponge properly placed in a cool, dark and dry area. Moisture and direct UV light are not good for the storage of the sugar flowers. How do I further decorate my Sugar flowers? There are many different ways to decorate the sugar flowers. The most common ways are with Luster Dusts and Petal Dusts, an Airbrush, Edible markers, and with diluted food colours. Adding a smoked petal design is an easy and quick way to add depth and texture to your sugar flowers. Can I purchase Sugar flowers one by one? There are a number of sugar flowers available that are packaged and sold individually, please place special notice to the item detail of “Quantity Per Box” in the item’s description. There are a large majority of sugar flowers that are sold in more than one in a box, and only sold in the “quantity per box” amount. How are the Sugar flowers packed? The sugar flowers are individually packaged very carefully by hand using impact tested styrofoam and reinforced boxes. Are the gum paste Sugar flowers fragile? Due to the fragile nature of cured gum paste, the sugar flowers are relatively fragile. Please handle with care when opening and adjusting the petals and leaves after opening. Should I purchase extra Sugar flowers for my cake design? It is always a good idea to order a few extra flowers than you may anticipate needing simply because, accidents can happen. Accidents of breakage, misplacement, or even miscalculation and the cake ends up needing a few more flowers that first thought. Any extra or spare sugar flowers can always be stored and kept for long periods of time for a future cake design. How early in advance should I purchase my flowers? Please keep in mind a few factors when purchasing flowers for your cake design. Make sure to leave plenty of time of at least a week or two just in case you will need to order additional or replacement sugar flowers. Please consider ordering your flowers as far in advance as possible also as at times particular sugar flower may go out of stock. Why should I buy readymade gum paste Sugar flowers? Buying and using readymade gum paste sugar flowers allows cake artists to focus more on their business and overall design of their cakes. By sourcing your sugar flowers, it saves a large amount of time, effort, and stress. Then all of that time effort, and stress can be applied more efficiently towards completing more cake orders, more extravagant designs, and most importantly more personal time. How will the sugar flowers improve my cake business? hobby? Buying sugar flowers will immediately improve any cake business because by adding readymade sugar flowers, you immediately add significant value to the cake. A $20 sheet cake with one flower can rise to a $30 cake with no added effort or time. Thus allowing the time to take and complete more cakes, helping the overall business. For hobbyists who enjoy making cakes and sugar flowers, buying sugar flowers will allow you to save some time to focus on the aspects of cake decorating that you enjoy the most. For example, maybe as a cake artist your specialty is making gum paste roses, but you particularly struggle with making leaves. Spend time making what you do best, roses, and purchase the leaves and the smaller more ambient details to save time and effort to be able to focus more on the overall design. Also, by saving time from no making sugar flowers anymore, this allows for more ambitious and creative designs using readymade decorations. How do I sell my readymade Sugar flowers? There are a couple different ways that cake artists are able to sell and profit from using readymade sugar flowers. Of course the most common and understood is to work the cost and margins of the sugar flowers into the overall total price of the cake just as you would, if you had made the flowers yourself. (Hint: Cost the readymade sugar flowers the same as you would if you had spent your own time making them.) Another creative way for cake artists to sell sugar flowers is to share a display of available sugar flowers for the brides or customer to choose from to embellish their cake with, and in the display each sugar flower or spray is individually priced, including profit margin, with an a la cart retail price. This way the bride can conceptualize that for her cake design it would need for example, 20 sugar flowers which are $10 each. This way everyone knows that the cake will cost $200 in sugar flowers alone. The margin is already built in, and the customer is treated fairly. Do you have bargain sugar flower designs? We do offer a number of bargain sugar flower that are very beautiful and intricate while being very affordable. Please look through our "Specials" section and our time-to-time specials on social media and email marketing. Can the Sugar flowers be used for other purposes? Sugar flowers can be used for a number of different purposes. They are great as simple home or party decorative pieces, and they are great conversation starters since each flower is individually made by hand out of sugar. The sugar flowers have also been used as table decorations, corsages and boutonnieres, and to help accent many food presentations. Can I place the gum paste sugar flowers on a cupcake? The sugar flowers can always be placed on a cupcake. The gum paste sugar flowers are made of gum paste and are edible. The wires and stamens are not edible. Blossoms are always perfect as cupcake toppers. What do I do if my gum paste sugar flowers arrive broken? Due to the fragile nature of gum paste and the thin details of particular sugar flowers, breakage can occur during shipping. We continue to work on improving our packaging and shipping procedures, but we are aware that not all flowers will arrive perfectly. If you have received a box that is beyond repair or beyond being able to work with any of the components, please contact us at sales@sugarartdeco.com with an explanation, a photo attachment of the damage, and an invoice number. We will respond within 24-48 hours with a remedy to fix the situation.

FAQ Luster Dust & Petal Dust

What is the difference between Luster Dust and Petal Dust? The main difference between Luster Dust and Petal Dust is that Luster Dust adds a subtle colour with a nice sheen and slight sparkle effect. Petal Dust give a deeper tone with a matte finish great for realistic details especially with gum paste sugar flowers. Is Luster Dust the same as Disco Dust? Luster Dust is far different from Disco Dust. Luster Dust is made of very fine dust like particles that leave a sheen effect with a slight colour tone. Disco Dust is made of larger particles similar to glitter, giving a very dramatic “Bling” shine and effect. Luster Dust can be diluted and passed through an airbrush, where Disco Dust is too large and can not. Is Luster Dust edible? Luster Dust is a non toxic decorative colour not intended to be consumed. What is Luster Dust and Petal Dust made of? Luster Dust and Petal dust is made up of a mixture to titanium dioxide, iron dioxide, carmine, & mica. How do I use Luster Dust and Petal Dust colours? The most common way to use Luster and Petal Dusts are by using a dry brush similar to makeup powder. Simply dab an artist brush or clean brush to the dry powder and apply as needed. Or they can also be used in a Pump Brush. Another way Luster and Petal Dusts are used are by diluting it with an alcohol such as vodka and painting with it as it were a wet paint. Also by diluting it further, Luster and Petal Dusts can be passed through an airbrush. Can I place Luster Dust and Petal Dust colours in the airbrush? Luster Dust and Petal Dust can be passed through the airbrush to quickly add colour. Simply dilute the Dust with an alcohol such as a clear rum or vodka to about a 2 alcohol :1 dust ratio and fill the airbrush. Can I paint with Luster Dust and Petal Dust colours? Luster Dust and Petal Dust can be diluted to be used to paint with. Simply dilute the Dust with some clear alcohol such as rum or vodka, 2 dust : 1 alcohol and adjust as needed. Then using an artist brush, paint on details or even letters. What else can I use Luster Dust and Petal Dust colours on? Luster Dust and Petal Dust can be used in many different ways. One common way is to apply the dust colours onto real fresh flowers just as you would with sugar flowers. What is the difference between Luster Dust and Lustre Dust? There is no difference between Luster Dusts and Lustre Dusts. They are the same product and same quality.

FAQ Castle Cake Toppers

Are the Castle Cake Toppers edible? The Castle Cake Toppers are made of a lightweight styrofoam and are not edible. They are intended for decorative purposes only. How do I use my Castle Cake Topper? There are many different ways that a Castle Cake Topper can be used, the most common way is to place it on top of the cake as a cake topper. This works perfectly for princess cakes and girls cakes. Can I airbrush my Castle Cake Topper? The most common way to decorate the Castle Cake Toppers is by using an airbrush. Start by spraying from afar with light layers. The key is to spray layer by layer, little by little. Be patient. How do I decorate my Castle Cake Topper? There are many different ways to decorate the Castle Cake Toppers for your cakes. The easiest way is by piping icing accents with icing, along with colouring details using markers, and spraying colour or pearl with an airbrush. What is the Castle Cake Topper made of? The Castle Cake Toppers are made of a high quality thin styrofoam, glue, and royal icing details. How are they made? Each Castle Cake Topper is individually shaped by hand using glue. The styrofoam allows for beautiful and extravagant designs while also being very light weight for topping off any type of cake. Are they lightweight? The Castle Cake Toppers are extremely lightweight since they are made only of styrofoam and glue. They weigh only a few grams. How are they packaged? Each Castle Cake Topper is completely preassembled, and is packed in an individual box with added padding for protection. Do they ship safely? The Castle Cake Toppers do ship safely. Once you receive it, simply remove and place it on top of the cake. Do they come with lights inside? A few of the Castle Cake Toppers designs do include lights as added affect for the castle. The castles with the item code ending with “L” are the lighted castles. Can I cut my castle into separate pieces and build my own unique castle? Yes each Castle Cake Topper can be either cut or unassembled to be made into a larger castle, or more of a custom castle design to your liking. What are the most popular Castle Cake Topper designs? The most popular Castle Cake Toppers are Castle 8, Castle 15, Steeple 1, and Castle 12. What types of cake designs are the Castle Cake Toppers used for? The Castle Cake Toppers are most commonly used for Princess Cakes for girls cakes. Lately they have been often used for making the Disney themed “Frozen” Cakes, airbrushed blue with some sparkle or Disco Dust. They can also be used for bridal cakes or even Wedding Cakes. Can I reuse my Castle Cake Topper? The Castle Cake Topper can most definitely be reused. It is made of styrofoam, and can be wiped clean. It is very common to “rent out” the Castle with the cake, and have the castle returned and used on another cake order. It can also be saved as a souvenier. How long will the Castle Cake Topper last? The Castle Cake Topper will last virtually forever, simply store it away for direct sunlight and moisture. How do I store my Castle Cake Topper? It is best to store the Castle Cake Topper in its original box or an appropriate sized box, and keep away from moisture and direct sunlight. Can I use my Castle Cake Topper for other purposes? The Castle Cake Topper is great for decorating tables for parities, or for added princess details to a girl’s room or party.